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    By subscribing today you could save money on your servicing and save more than the yearly subscription alone.

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    Forums - fewer adverts for a seamless unrestricted user experience within the community forums

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    Member Discounts - regularly added discounts to save you money on motoring costs

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    Support the Club - the support allows us to give more back to you in return

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    Saving Money

    Regularly added discounts to save you money on motoring costs

    Halfords Exclusive

    Members will receive an exclusiveHalfords Discount Card to save up to 15% off everything in-store (10% off bikes)

    Club Portal

    Members get unlimited access to the latest deals and offers.

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    Members will be first to know about special offers, promotions and competitions

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    When you become a gold member with us today, you will recieve a premium introductory pack which includes your halfords and gold member cards.

    Additional Features

    • 15% off at Halfords in-store all year round using your very own Halfords Discount card (10% off Bikes)
    • Exclusive Discounts - Such as Halfords, Best Western Hotels, Eurocamp and many more. We are constantly looking out for new discounts for club members.
    • More Storage - Members get more storage space to upload pics of their pride and joy instead of using free services that could close your account. Even if you do not continue your membership in the future, your photos will still exist.
    • Less Adverts - We reduce the adverts right down for Gold members around our club website giving a more smoother and slick experience.
    • Unrestricted Forum: As a Gold member we will not restrict how many times you post and you will have access to any closed areas.
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