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Sell your car

Compare multiple offers for your car today with Wizzle.

Letting go of the car can be a complicated and scary process and time-consuming trying to find a buyer. We created Wizzle to make the whole process easier. Our free to use online platform allows you to advertise your car for free. By collecting all the information about your vehicle’s current condition enables a buyer to make you a realistic offer. If you sell directly to Wizzle dealers like this, you can get a much better price than using a car buying company.

Car buying companies use automatic pricing to decide the value of your car. These systems often ignore the condition, special features or extras, and offer you the lowest price they can. After that, you find out you have to drive to their depot, outside of town. When you eventually speak to the salesman – they chip away at the price they offered. Then charge you an “admin fee” and a “money sending” fee. At Wizzle, we don’t think this old fashioned way of doing things is fair. And you shouldn’t either.

Start Now

We do things differently.

We help you find a car buyer online by advertising your car free to our network of thousands of potential buyers in the UK. We’ll also find you instant offers from the major online car buying companies, so you don’t have to. You get to compare more offers from more buyers and trade your car today for more money. Wizzle is always free and givesyou a realistic idea of what your vehicle is worth.

Just follow the simple instructions, which takes about 5 minutes, and upload details of your car.

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